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Thread: gold and silver prices go higher after euro meeting.

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    Thumbs up gold and silver prices go higher after euro meeting.

    Its seems gold and silver prices fell last week because of cash liquidation and also the people heard of euro meeting which are going to be held by this week.Again its going to be fact that after this meet you can see the prices of both the metals go higher till $1720 and $36.50 i ensured you before that end of this month you can make a good margin of profits and good platform for both the resources.

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    I agree with you.
    You never look back, you keep going foreword.

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    pog and pos should correct 100$ more and stabilise to the year end. untill then all other factors simply case speculation in pog and pos.we all will see who predicted well.

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    Thats my forecarst too

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    Default pog and pos

    what's the meaning of it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by amirgoldfx View Post
    what's the meaning of it?
    price of gold and silver

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