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Thread: $10 Quarter Oz. AGE

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    Default $10 Quarter Oz. AGE

    I'm considering a .25 oz $10 AGE from a trusted private collector that I usually buy silver from. It's $445 and he guaranteed it's authenticity with the opportunity to return it, so I'm confident it's good. I checked online but couldn't find much about markups on private transactions. Is $445 a fair price?

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    $445 for a 1/4 oz. AGE is a fair price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by auheavy View Post
    $445 for a 1/4 oz. AGE is a fair price.
    Thank you. The local shops here aren't open yet so I don't have a LCS price to compare to.

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    Kitco sells for 460 and buys at 409. Unless he is a friend, I'd offer a middle, say 435

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    I would buy it it is fair. Nobody is making a killing on it.

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