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Thread: dealer who use UPS are reckless

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldhunting View Post
    Hahaha, those places were both competing here in one shopping strip, first Staples in operation, then Office Depot came later thinking they'll outdo their competition, but had their ass handed to them not long after. Neither of them carried the special registered mail reinforced tape. I think you're fortunate if it's easy for you to attain it.

    Anyway, my point was more about that even if it was easy to attain, most sellers still aren't going to use it. It's extra work ..and you can't preprint Registered Mail and drop the packages in the post office parcel box. Each must be presented at the counter to the clerk.
    I agree that it is somewhat of a pain to go to the counter but if I'm shipping a four figure coin across the country, 5-10 minutes at the counter pays big dividends in good sleeping. The tape is easy for me to get. I'm parked in my lazy boy right now and could get at least 10 rolls of it in 15 minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nod2Glod View Post
    Just a quick warning to all UK based stackers, and possibly global as well. I made a purchase recently from a dealer who uses UPS to deliver the items. Their policy is apparently to deliver package to a neighbour on the 1st attempt if you are not in. This occurred to me yesterday and resulting in my neighbour actually opening the package. Although i have now received it, obviously it's the last thing i want for my neighbourhood to know i receive value items, and the exact value of those items as the invoice was loose within the package, to my home address.

    I would therefore suggest you avoid all dealers who use UPS or any other deliver service who deliver package for you to another person whos only relation to you is their physcial proximity to your address at the time of delivery.
    Most of the time the UPS guy does not even knock on my door, just leaves the package laying on the ground on my door step.

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