Atlas, you know I'm prepared, as one never knows when all control is lost.

However I have seen the Fed raise interest rates like nobody on this thread would have believed they could, not matter it's for a limited time or not - -it does seem to have slowed down inflation rates, which has allowed my purchase of a new home (I did not need to take on a large loan being a saver).

Regarding the high interest payments - -let not forget what unit they are based on: the U.S. dollar, which represents what and is created in which way? This has and will continue to allow our banker-state to fund themselves as needed, heck, no taxes are really even needed -- they can create THEIR digits as they see fit.

It's all smoke an mirrors. So long as the majority believes it's real, it's real, nothing needs to break apart, so long as they keep the public's confidence, which apparently, based on how the market swings based on whatever comes out of their lips, they still have.

From this thread, I was really thinking they could not raise interest rates as they did, but they did. Sure, it's only momentary (which I'm counting on), however once again, they seemed to have pulled a rabbit out of the hat. I know it can be frustrating, as neither do I like to see these tricksters to keep fooling the general public, however nor can I deny, once again, it looks to have worked --we will, as always, see what happens, though all the chicken littles have been wrong so many times before -- still, I am glad I sold most of my bond funds when interest rates were low, and just "kept on stacking", hope you did to, and don't loose the faith, these years are nothing in the grand scope of things, God's laws will triumph, no matter how at times it's hard to see.