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Thread: how many silver ounces to gold ounces(ratio) should be owned?.....

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    Default and Palladium...

    A de facto look at my mix shows platinum with the smallest amount, lets make that the reference one ounce: So for every one ounce of platinum I have I have five ounce of Palladium; fifteen ounces of gold and about 100 hundred ounces of silver.

    This ratio is not planned, but rather is the result of years of collecting. I am happy with it – when I think there is opportunity I buy. I am not buying and selling so however my stash is skewed it is not necessarily how I would construct it today. If I can convert some of my non PM holdings into cash and I can buy Palladium at its current level my holdings may become one to one with gold and Palladium.

    In the end I am an optimist about the survival of humanity and technology and am investing in Palladium for that reason. I know that few agree with me on this one.
    Palladium is a hedge against gold and silver, a metal for the contrarian’s contrarian.

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    I own 5 ounces of silver for every 1 ounce of gold.... I guess I'm not really "with" the silver. I think it's all about gold at this point. I agree with Prospector, you just gotta look for the gold peak & switch it all to silver then. Tricksy indeed.

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    about 8 to one for me, but I think Prospector is right on the money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gold stacks View Post
    I'm curious as to your opinions on how much silver you should own compared to the gold you own...

    lets keep it simple and use 1 ounce of gold as our staple..

    how many ounces of silver should also be owned?
    I've only just started on silver, so it's 2:1 (Silver/Gold) for me. Need some more silver, except it's just such a bugger to store in any quantity. So far I've only been buying 100oz minted bars.

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    Question So Gold Stacks, how did the analysis go

    What did you decide the proper silver/gold investment ratio should be?

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