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Thread: Good source for Bars/rounds?

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    Default Good source for Bars/rounds?

    Anyone have a good source for this stuff? Seems to be a big premium on it everywhere I look.

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    i am cornering the market with 2 oz at bulliondirect. paid like 35 over spot. yup.

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    yes them and Apmex are about the same I think. I would jump in but the spreads here are terrible. Needs to move over 10% just to break even.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cigarlover View Post
    yes them and Apmex are about the same I think. I would jump in but the spreads here are terrible. Needs to move over 10% just to break even.
    yeah. better to hold for doubles or triples.

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    Try Colorado for some decent pricing when Don has it in stock. I'm the idiot who thught about all of Pallladiums possibilities in 2002 and bought quite a bit at $380oz but, have done some dollar cost averaging since then and some selling to bring my cost more in line with todays prices. Palladium, so much potnetial to help solve the world's problems, so little appeal as an investment.

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    Default jewelry store

    I asked the owner of a small jewelry store next to my office very recently..He said that many publications talk about how to work the metal but he said he had no use for it. He then pulled a drawer open, pulled out 2 pamp suise 1 ounce bars and offered to sell them for 330 each telling me he's had them for a while.. I was excited but calm telling him all I had on me was 600 but would take them off his hands... He frowned , then gave in..... SCORE!!!!!!

    p.s. I'd buy this stuff on occasion if I could find it, but NONE of my coin shops carry it... not even a 1/10 ounce coin!!! So I may try some other small jewelry stores.. I don't want a ton of this stuff but wouldn't mind accumilating about 10 ounces of it just to have a little diversification in my physical porfolio..... I do think palladium will day..

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    Default Kitco sells palladium bars

    If you are looking for a source of palladium bars you can find them at Kitco. You can find the prices by clicking on 'Precious Metal Store' above, then go to 'Complete Bullion Product List'. At the bottom is a 1 oz palladium bar. Prices on the Kitco website are always current and don't have any extra charges other than shipping. Any of the Kitco customer service agents can answer questions and can be contacted at 1-877-775-4826.

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    ya but the spread is WAY to much...

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    Default Solicitation???

    Seeing SuperMod posting a solicitation about Palladium is the first time I have ever been shaken in my belief that Palladium will on day go to the moon. This doesn’t happen on the other PM forums (solicitatioions) – is this an ominous sign?

    What do you think about this posting?

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    Red face

    I'm new here so just assumed it was normal..

    monex once offered me 5 gold eagles @ spot to gain me as a customer. I bit the hook and have been a customer off and on ever since, although they telemarket me constantly..

    So Ill say to kitco, sell me 5 ounces of this stuff @ spot plus shipping and you too could have me as a regular customer. If not ill continue to SHOP around for the best deal on my PMs and thank kitco for the forum access...

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