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Thread: Forum database error problem being worked on. Thanks for your patience

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    Thanks, although I am still noticing posts that i (and others) had submitted are not showing up in the threads, but they are showing up in the thread history (when you click "post reply" button). Is there just a delay for those to show up in the thread? It's been several hours....

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    Default Yes...

    Is there a "posting" filter?
    I noticed the new "filter" is working as it restricted a lengthy post...maybe the new posting filter is screwing up things ?

    Today on my 3rd or 4th post (all on differeent threads)...I was shown as posting but did now show my "post" or text entry.

    I noticed someone had 3 or 4 identical entries.

    I think people are re-posting thinking it did not get posted.

    This might be an avalanche effect, where everyone re-posts and then the problems just get worse.

    This happened to me yesterday too (but it was nearly just after 12 midnight East Coast time). I know between midnight and 12:15AM the datbase is "down" for cleanups.

    Seems like other's are also seeing this "effect", of recording the post in the history..but not showing the text or post on the thread readout.
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    Maybe I'm crazy but it seems to me, about a week or two before windows and adobe do their patches first tuesday of everymonth (today 22 and 29 patches) some of my computors like to act up abit.

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    The seems to be something wrong with the "Silver is Dropping!" thread. It seems stuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theplantguy View Post
    The seems to be something wrong with the "Silver is Dropping!" thread. It seems stuck.
    Please retry. I cleaned up a few dupes and did a test post without a problem. Thanks for reporting, though.

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    Thanks for the messages about problems. I will ask our IT department to check things out again.

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    seems to be something wrong with this thread.

    shows 0 post count

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    At least the last message is not there where on the gold discussion index page it says it is. I tryed waiting a few minutes and refreshing the page a few times without success.
    Something is still wrong imo.

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    System just errored out twice on me.

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    Sql error when submitting a reply..

    Getting ready to submit..I bet it errors again for the 4th time

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