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Thread: KITCO RSS support?

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    Question KITCO RSS support?

    Question for mods: Are there any plans to implement RSS support for the forum? It would help us (members) a lot to keep up to date quickly on topics we are interested in without having to go through numbers and numbers of sometimes useless posts.
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    We looked into these feeds briefly years ago however our IT department was unable to get it to work due to the layers of security that are part of our commercial systems. Security issues for our website take priority over the forum needs in order to protect our clients.

    We hope to update the forum software in 2011 and may be able to find a way to solve this problem at that time.

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    Default RSS feed available

    There are currently two options available for Forum RSS feeds.

    If you use iGoogle, specifically Google Reader (which is an RSS reader/aggregate) you can search through the RSS feeds for "Kitco Forum". There is an RSS feed available that you can subscribe to; once subscribed, Forum updates will appear on your iGoogle page or through your Google Reader.

    Alternatively, both Firefox and Safari have the option to subscribe to Kitco Forum RSS feeds by clicking on the RSS icon that appears to the right of the web address. How this RSS feed is displayed will depend on your browser settings.

    I hope this helps until Forum updates are complete!


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