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Thread: Have you noticed any food price inflation yet?

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    Default Have you noticed any food price inflation yet?

    I haven't really noticed any food inflation yet, except for the price of candy bars and 2 liter bottles of soda. They seem overpriced. Everything else seems about the same.

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    Oatmeal cookies have gone up 35% inthe last 6 months,
    ask my grandkids!

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    This falls can goods sale prices. Where higher than last years normal prices..

    Package sizes are shrinking again on dry goods. Does this count as inflation or deflation?
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    The price of pomegranites went up from 60c per lb to $2 per lb, in the month of January. Thats an increase of over 300%!

    However, I think its because its the end of their growing season, and stores are either selling what they have in cold storage or are importing them from South America.

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    Look at the amount for the price. Last year bought a particular cracker brand that was 14 oz. Now it is 13 oz. for more FRN's than what I paid a year ago. Look at fluid ounces on pop also. It's all BS.

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    My favorite Costco Kirkland coffee went up $4.00! Yup, groceries are going up.

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    Bananas are still 49 cents a pound.

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    Default It's sneaky inflation

    As producer prices rise an effort is made to maintain consumer prices through 'value deflation'. ZH does a good job of exposing it, like always.
    From the link below:
    "Back then we recalled the experience of one Walmart shopper who shared the following story: "I noted with interest that the Wal-Mart I shop at had cleared the shelves of "Great Value" brand coffee in 39 oz cans for about 2 weeks. Today the new can appeared, with the following differences: 1.) Can is now 33.9 oz, down from 39 oz. Also conspicuously missing is the conversion of 2lb, 7oz therefore no comparison in pounds is easily made. 2.) Price for this smaller can is up from $9.88 to $10.48, by my rustic math an approximate 20% increase! 3.) Contents of can are no longer 'Premium Columbian' Decaffeinated. Now labeled '100% Classic Decaf'."

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    Bacon and ring sausage have gone up considerably.

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    Default sneak

    The sneaky deflation has picked up over normal.

    I think that has been going on for awhile.


    I bought milk for $2 / gallon yesterday.
    I get a good quality wheat bread for 1.25 - 1.50 a loaf.
    The fabulous stuff is 3.50-4.50.

    2 pound brick of a good tillamook cheddar is 3.99
    Eggs have gone up to 1.25 a dozen for grade AA X-large from 1.00 last year.
    Last year the canned veges were 4/dollar and this year it was only 3 on the best sales.
    Apple Juice last year was at $1/64 ounce but this year the best was 1.25/


    I have a second fridg and we stock up.
    We can have over 1o dozen eggs and be good till the next sale.

    My wife says we have better competitiveness here among our super markets than most other places.

    I do see the prices going up but I suspect its only in the 3-4% range / year so far.

    I don't anticipate it staying that way.

    Wal-mart can be cheaper but their quality leaves a lot to be desired.
    "Without a gold standard in place, there is little to prevent governments indulging in wild credit creation.
    Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth.
    Gold stands in the way of this insidious process.
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