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    Default back up the Bentley

    silver, it seems, especially the bullion fans, are always hoping it goes down!
    so they can back up the truck etc. i'm strange, i would be happy seeing it go straight up forever, in which case a couple ounces would make me rich.

    i wish i had more, a case i could make about any number of things, but i have a
    pleasant amount of silver, so i'm ok.

    and i hear variations on this theme at every when has a person finally accumulated enough silver that they finally are sick of backing up the old truck and just want to sit back and watch the price rise?

    when i look at my caller id and see some dealer calling me, always to talk about some opportunity, i know the price is tanking that day....

    silver has risen spectacularly this last year...and it's interesting it's hovering as high as it is now at 28+ with no new fundamentals...just speculation.

    gold and silver are falling off here a litttle because the money's going into has to move to stay alive.....put paper in a shoebox in the closet and sit on it if you don't believe that....

    i read some stuff here that silver's going back into the teens and then the replies (with tragic tears streaming down their faces) that they HOPE that happens so ye olde truck can go into reverse again.

    does this mean if i'm buying D flawless diamonds i have to back up my Bentley?

    personally, fundamenatlly i think silver is way overbought...and i think just as strongly that it's absolutely going higher...I'm one of those guys that absolutely smells $2000 gold. I would not be surprised to see silver at 40 by the end of the year. we have witnessed a 'hyperbolic spike' in silver and it will relax sometimes.....

    the market doesn't need fundamental corelates to just needs enough people doing it to freak more people into doing this case i think big funds are going into equities for awhile.

    it'd take a gun to my head to dump my bullion now. f*****g currencies are falling apart!
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