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    Just my guess this power pay will put a crimp on any thoughts of new silver or gold mines.So we have what we have and most probably there wont be a glut of new silver.

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    Has there ever been a glut of new silver?

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    Even if there was a new deposit found it would take 5-8 years to get the mine up and running, since silver is mainly found "in the middle of knowhere" they would have to build transport links to get the silver out of the mines and somewhere where it could then be refined so i wouldn't worry too much about a majical silver find that will send the price crashing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theplantguy View Post
    Has there ever been a glut of new silver?
    Thrice to my knowledge...

    Once during Solomon's reign.

    Once from the discovery of the New World.

    Once from the Comstock Lode.

    Once more if I can find where my silver is located at the bottom of the lake.
    Govern this.

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    except for a silver or gold commet

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    Possibly the biggest mine in the world is in the seas.

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    There was a glut of "old" silver at the refineries after the crash in 1980!

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