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Thread: Silver drops below 50 DMA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Castillb2010 View Post
    Got it! Morris, Thanks alot. Would that really be considered a break in the 50 DMA?
    Yes, an intraday break, but a closing price below the 50 DMA would be more significant.

    Neither is positive confirmation that the uptrend has been reversed but it is significant nonetheless.
    We will know more early next week.... I need to check my available money... it could be buying time very shortly!
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    Quote Originally Posted by afremont View Post is pretty cool. You can get live ticks of the price on a continuously updated chart. You can use it to look at the US$ index and crude spot prices as well.
    Check out chart station from NetDania... Same thing you linked too, but with more instruments to pick from... Also, you can create an account, and save your trendlines, to see them at different PCs

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    What is DMA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killionaire View Post
    What is DMA?
    Day Moveing Average


    The trend lines on a chart...

    Kitco Gold Forum Nomenclature

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killionaire View Post
    What is DMA?
    Blah, need to type faster...Moonstruck beat me to it.

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    I'm waiting for a drop below the 200 DMA ! ! !

    Always Searching for OBW Rolls ! ! !

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