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Thread: How many members on this forum? - Indicator for silver?

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    Default How many members on this forum? - Indicator for silver?

    This is one of the best indicators for me when determining whether Silver is in a bubble. How do we know track the number of members?

    My experience:

    I live in HK. I started stacking mid Oct 2010. I buy all my Silver from Kitco HK.

    I joined a local Silver facebook group. In Oct 2010 there were 200 members, today there are 217 members.

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    How do you propose to determine the number of active members? The mods might be able to tell! And how will the number tell you whether silver is in a bubble or not? One thing for sure, physical PMs are not in a bubble. They are for insurance and preservation of wealth and that cannot be considered a bubble. Paper Pms...probably considering the volatility we have seen in recent days.
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    Theres a "members list" button up on the tool bar.

    I dont know if they are all active, but i guess you could count them.

    Edit: it says 7266

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    I think a mod would have to chime in for us to know how many active members we have around. And what is the definition of active? At least 1 post a week, a month?

    There are better indicators on if silver is in a bubble than numbering how many people still post are on Kitco.

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    Quite a few that have just heard gold (and silver) has been found in California.

    Gimme zee gold, Mr. Smith.

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    at the bottom of the Kitco Forums page, it says how many active members there are. Currently there are ~27,500

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    I recently suggest they post numbers of actual viewers online.

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