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Thread: Gov't moves to limit speculative commodity trades

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    Ok, two posts in two threads. And I agree, Comex will not go bust.

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    Three posts, same thread, same day more or less. All about the speculative longs you said no one mentions.

    I have also said several times here that the CFTC ruling would be used against the longs as well as the shorts but don't feel like digging up the quotes, my point is made.
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    Silver is unstoppable at this point (tm).

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    Point taken, I missed those, but I meant threads, I don't have time to read all the posts, I'm glad I don't. I know you cover all the bases, you do a great job of that here at Kitco. As the USG limits speculative trading, let's see where Ag trends. Most here have made their predictions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grossomotto View Post
    Agstacker, the futures markets and speculation creates price discovery. Without it, you have no market. It would be more make believe than it is today.

    Im no expert but it looks like someone like JP Morgan could easily skirt this law. JPmorgan doesnt speculate on something as a unified force, they have literally hundreds of offices and sub groups. And rightfully so, they are a massive company serving a massive amount of customers. The 100 left hands act independently of the 100 right. Point being is I bet that this will hurt the smaller investment houses the most and it all trickles down to you and I.

    Follow the money, the govt rails and rails on 'big financial' but in the end this administration and these laws usually end up helping them.

    Lehman was the sacrificial lamb, and Obama has the whip, but it is all just a show for you and I.

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