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Thread: This Market Is So Rigged

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    Yet, platinum is up again today.
    You never look back, you keep going foreword.

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    Default Agreed!

    Quote Originally Posted by Quagmire420420 View Post
    There is just no justification for today's price action, especially in light of the dollar getting absolutely crushed. I mean how does silver spike up only to crash down. This market is RIGGED and I for one, am getting tired of this bull crap.
    So frustrating to watch the ticker drop in the midst of this buying frenzy. It totally goes against supply / demand. It's all bullsh*t.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaoticmayhem View Post
    If we all knew why silver tanks like this we could adjust accordingly but the powers that be keep their secrets to themselves and leave the rest of us peasants to conjure up theories to explain the seemingly unexplainable. But that's the way they want it and that's the way it will stay.

    In reality silver is worthless, especially paper silver because you can't even use that for a doorstop or bookend. We would all be better off selling what we have, buying some fertile land with a steady water supply and growing our food. Instead we sit here at the mercy of others.
    Value is in the eye of the beholder.

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    Gold down, copper down, oil down too along with the dollar. Food commodities seem to be the hot buys today.
    You never look back, you keep going foreword.

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    Don't get your panties all in a bunch.

    1) If you own a LOT of silver, why are you crying? The price of silver has gone up significantly for like the past 3 months. If you own a LOT of silver, I assume you bought the majority of it back when silver was below $20? You're way ahead of the game and probably better off than most here, so stop bitching!

    2) If you don't own a lot of silver, why are you crying? This dip is an opportunity for you to get more at a cheaper price. Why would you want the price of silver to go up if you own a small amount? Please put a sock in it and go buy more silver at a DISCOUNT while you still can!

    There's no need to get all worked up about today's dip.

    IN FACT, the price of silver has been pretty stable for the past few weeks around the $28 mark.
    It's been in between $28 and $31 for the past few weeks, which I'm fine with.

    If you own a **** load of silver and want it to go to the moon overnight just so you can feel all lucky inside, I'm sorry, but that's not going to happen.
    This is a big waiting game and if you can't take the heat then get out of the kitchen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Collectivist View Post
    As the decoupling between paper and physical becomes more and more realized, the divergence between the paper price (30 bucks or so an ounce and falling at the moment) and the physical will become more pronounced.

    Stop looking at the value of your silver stash through the lens of an artifical construct such as the USD. Youre better off counting the number of ounces instead.

    If you can find more silver to buy at the discounted paper price, thank your lucky stars and keep accumulating.

    Remember, the price you see is more in line with SLV than it is with physical metal. And we all know where SLV (and other ponzi instruments) will go eventually, right?

    As in the matrix, there is no spoon (especially silver ones) ...
    Good pep talk. Thanks, needed that.

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    Those darn manipulators sure did a lousy job in 2010 when silver was up over 70%.
    As Grossomotto says, it's simply the LONG speculators who have created the froth over $20....who decided to cash in a few chips today. Let's hope the ball doesn't get rolling downhill as fast as it rose uphill. These things happen in markets that are expected to go crazy up by the overexuberant investor.
    All the fundamental long-term factors remain. They're the same now at $29 that they were at $20, and they'll be the same if silver rises to $39 or drops to $20.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grossomotto View Post
    As you know the smart investors (10%) buy into weakness and sell into strength. The not-so-smart investors (90%) do the opposite.
    LOVE those Smart investors. They may sell into strength BUT NEVER get another opportunity to buy it back. Too many "Dummies" buying and HOLDING!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quagmire420420 View Post
    I only care because I have long stock positions which at the moment are underwater. Otherwise, I'd be throwing a "back up the truck" party
    Same here, for me its even worse, I got some margin calls on 25, and I am already in the red, I am thinking about closing the positions, with a loss, and invest in a stock instead of future, but It may also rebound on 25.7

    And yes I am not a smart investor, at least, I timed the market wrong... bought on the ''dip'' at 29.1
    Benny, the Rainmaker!

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    I'm sitting here watching the Kcast ticker and silver is going up and down $28.80..drops to $28.72...go up to $28.76...goes back down to $28.72...just dropped to $ back up to $28.68...DOWN TO $28.66 all in the course of a few minutes.

    I can only imagine the panic some people must be feeling right now. SELL! SELL!! SELL!!! NO! BUY! BUY!! BUY!!!

    Me...I think I'll just go grab a beer.

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