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Thread: New versions of Kitco Kcast Available now!

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    Thumbs up New versions of Kitco Kcast Available now!

    Many members have asked about when the new versions of Kcast for the computer will be available. It was launched in December!

    This webpage will give you the downloads for Desktop PCs and for mobile use. Versions for all Windows versions right up to Windows& are available for free!

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    Default Android App?

    Any word on when KCast will be available for Android?


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    I've got the 64 bit version for Win 7. Don't like it at all.

    Unless you open the main window you cannot see the current price, the taskbar icons are worthless.

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    The new version works well on my 32 bit vista machine. I like being able to change the color of the text. Black is pretty hard to read on a black toolbar but blue works great.
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