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Thread: 50 ounce sunshine bars

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    Default 50 ounce sunshine bars

    Does anybody have any of these?

    I recently ordered one and i'm excited to receive it. There seems to be a constant shortage of them.

    Good for people who want big bars of silver but can't afford 100oz bars.
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    i dont like the name. a little fruity for my taste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsaNYthing View Post
    i dont like the name. a little fruity for my taste.
    You do know that Sunshine Mint provides all of the blanks
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    i have one of the older extruded style

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    They are fine bars. Nothing wrong with a bit of sunshine.

    If someone sees fruitiness in a silver bar then they should look within themselves for the source of this feeling.

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    I think the Sunshine Bars are beautiful. Sadly I only have 1oz bars but I would jump at the chance to get some 5oz, 10oz or 50oz bars. Silvertownes are also nice bars to check out and they go for the same premium in most places.
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    Thumbs up

    I would perfer five 10 ounce bars instead. But hey, I wouldn't kick it out of my stash!
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    Do you mean 50 oz bars or 5 oz bars? I've been slowly putting together a 100oz gob of 5 oz silver bars. I have 3 of the Sunshine bars and need to get 2 more.

    I like them.

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    House, where did you order them from?

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    Default The Kitco 500

    Speaking of big bars, how about those Kitco 500s? Now that's something to chew on.
    You never look back, you keep going foreword.

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