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    Please feel free to communicate with me if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions for improving the moderation of the forum. You may contact me by Private Message (PM) - SuperMod - or by email to Our moderating team works very hard and often their actions are misunderstood. I want to provide members with a way to communicate when they have an issue rather than place it in posts, thus breaking the Rules of Membership and risking being suspended. I am hoping to receive lots of positive messages of encouragement for our moderators also. They spend many hours of their personal time volunteering to keep the forum a friendly and respectful place for all of our members and readers worldwide.

    I have edited this post to add in that messages will be 'penalty free' for those who wish to use this method to let me know of their displeasure with any moderator, moderating action or other issue with the moderating of the forum. Your messages will be kept confidential.
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