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Thread: Allocated Storage Survey - Give your thoughts

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    Default Allocated Storage Survey - Give your thoughts

    Hi Folks,

    Please see link following to participate in this survey. Comments welcome here, however may not be seen or taken into account by Kitco as it develops this program. To have your opinions weighted in the development... please use the survey at the link.


    Allocated Storage Accounts

    Kitco Metals Inc. will soon be introducing an allocated precious metals storage program. To help us design a program that meets your needs, please fill in this survey.

    Completing this survey should take no more than three to five minutes. All questions are optional.

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    Putting the Kitco brand next to those banners will probably get a heck of a lot more responses. Probably would have taken the survey sooner had it been there sooner, good thinkin' whoever thought of doing that.
    J6P here.

    Question everything.

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    great idea. did the survey. please explain taxes, 1099, cap g. thx.
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