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Thread: silver dreams

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    Like the dream of $100 silver? Or the dream that shtf and everyone barters using 90% ? I have those sometimes...
    me 2 always waiting for gold 2 spike and silver follow
    sometimes one must go into the darkness to find the light...

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    Aren't we all?
    -- If you forget that you've forgotten something you needed to remember, you never forgot it--

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    Had my first last night. In my dream, silver spiked up to $55 oz, but gold had dropped to $100. Then kitco froze all sales and trades on their ETF, lol.

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    Thumbs up Dreams

    My Dream is that Silver will spike $2.00 the day I get home from the Sun Wind Rain Snow down South for 4 months the current $17.50 is more than I want to spend right now hope I can get in some sorting next week in Albuquerque.
    grumpy Old Guy

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    Yesterday I thought this was a bizarre thread. Now, obviously because I read it, I had a dream that I picked up a box of quarters and every one was pre 1965. Darn you OP, darn you!
    To err is human, to ARGH! is pirate.

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    Well, mine was a nightmare last night!

    Trying to convince the IRS that the profit from PM sales are offset with the carryover of capital gains losses.

    I suppose if I could manage to have a sexual dream involving PM's it would be ugly too

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    Had another one last night. I dreamt that I was carrying my silver in an elevator, then I pused this weird button where it took me to this strange computerised world that wouldn't let me leave easily. I finally managed to get out with the help of a funny looking emoticon-like creature, but he took me to a parallel universe where silver never existed, so I instantly became the person with the most rarest substance, so I was set for life. It sucked though because when I went to go find my girlfriend, she didn't know who I was. So much for having silver eh, at least in this dream
    -- If you forget that you've forgotten something you needed to remember, you never forgot it--

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    My dreams are down right scary... every thirty days is short term silver... long term just doesn't show up?

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