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Thread: March, April, May, Time to go away. Silver Seasonal Lows coming.

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    Exclamation March, April, May, Time to go away. Silver Seasonal Lows coming.

    This time the last 2 years Silver got slammed hard. I'm expecting Silver will do its Spring deed and push down during the season... Check out for yourself the Spring drops for Metals...

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    I hope it goes to $11.00
    Or better, $8-9

    .. I really do .

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    Politics could intervene this time....we shall see!
    The answers are in the data

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    true enough. who knows what the lovely Politicians of the World have in store for the Spring of 2010?

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    That's why I buy scrap silver, seasonal prices doesn't really affect me. However, I will probably unload most of my mining positions.
    An organism at war with itself is doomed ~ Carl Sagan

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    TPTB have seen your prediction, and they LOVE to see people wrong. Therefore, don't be surprised if it goes up into May and then we hit seasonal lows in the summer instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tungsten Trader View Post
    I hope it goes to $11.00
    Or better, $8-9

    .. I really do .
    Same here.

    Dollar cost averaging... spend the same amount on PMs every month, and in low months you get more.

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    Default seasonal low translation

    let me take a run at this

    if we see some seasonal drop in price of silver
    all any sane person need to do is


    all silver below 50 dma is a great investment
    i ain't the sharpest tool in the shed...

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    The usual trends may not apply this year. I really believe more people are coming aboard the PM bandwagon. These bailouts have many people spooked on the value of the dollar. It is like an ocean in a waterballoon hanging over our heads. Looking at how much cash the banks are now holding, when they decide to start lending, and it is when, not if IMO, and fiat dollars start being injected into an already bloated currency pool, PM's have nowhere to go but up. That being said, historical data can be useful in formulating an investment strategy. I try to budget x amount of dollars per month into PM, I don't see the amount I spend changing, just the quantity based on spot price. If I can pick some silver or gold at a reduced rate in the next couple of months, awesome.

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    I for one dont think were gonna see this happen this year. It might go down a buck or two but that's about it. Its just a different ballgame out there and PM's have really become the go to guy in regards to keeping your money safe in this economic crisis. Everywhere you look it just gets worse and worse. The whole Greece situation, Lehman Brothers, etc.. Its just an ugly financial world out there and the only real salvation imo is the PM's. I could obviously be wrong but well see. I for one think its gonna hold strong this year.

    I will be very happy if I am wrong as I have been waiting for the market to hit 13 for quite some time. I have been sitting on a nice big stack of cash thats just waiting to be traded for a nice big stack of shiny silver. Unfortunately I dont think its gonna happen.

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