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Thread: silver on ebay

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    Default silver on ebay

    anybody ever get burned by someone trying to sell silver on ebay and turns out they were fake? i.e. 1 oz and 10 oz bars?

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    Not yet, though I thought I did when I first started out. '87 SAEs look a LOT different than '08s.

    I try to buy from coin stores selling on the bay, or stick with ultra high feedback scores. I check all feedback too. If there's one negative in 6 months, I try to find out why. Usually it's because of something mundane, but doing the homework brings piece of mind for me.

    If you pay with paypal, backed by credit card you have two lines of defense. And that doesn't even factor in potential negative feedback scores.
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    Cant say that i have. In fact, i purchased a roll of silver dimes at the low a couple weeks back. I received the roll minus one dime. No big whoop to be honest, but i did let the seller know. Today i received 2 Roosevelt dimes, 2 merc dimes, 1 war nickel and a silver quarter to make up for the delay and shortage. Not to mention, the seller paid $4.95 shipping to get them here in 2 days. Needless to say, this seller will be on my favorites list.

    Ironically, another seller shorted me a dime on another roll i purchased. This particular seller sent me two extra dimes to make up for it. Bottom line, quality sellers do exist.


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    so far,e bay has been good, recently picked up 300oz of ASE and Phil Harmon for $17.50ish each

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    My dad got a couple fake Chinese pandas. I haven't gotten any myself though.

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    Just recently posted a thread on my recent experience with this...

    Won an auction for 19 rounds. One ended up being a totally fake copy coin, one other was questionable. He gave me double what I asked for back and hasn't responded to an address request so I can send the fake one back.

    Not sure if I caught a scam or a guy who made a mistake. Either way, the minor inconvenience netted me 18 rounds for $13.50 an ounce after shipping...and I know they're real, so hey.
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    Some guy sold me a chinese 10 oz bar made out of tin. Yes he took it back and refunded my payment, and this was back when silver was $8 an ounce,,,

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    I've had good experience so far. I have also been shorted some silver, two quarters from a roll of 40. But the seller told me about it before the coins even reached me and the two quarters only took a day or two to reach me after I got the roll.

    I just go with a high-volume, and very good rated seller. But remind them to give you a review too as they sometimes forget

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    I make 95% of my income on that site, I do well.

    Your are pretty safe as a buyer, but regarding silver and coins, avoid China like the plague.

    I've nothing against the Chinese, hell they want to make a buck like we do, but too many crooks have destroyed all credibility for silver and coins of any type.

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    I've bought two 10 oz silver bars from feebay.
    One arrived as planned but for the other one I got scammed by a deadbeat who made all sorts of excuses and delays and then never sent anything. (PM me if you want his feebay name, since he's a regular silver seller).
    I ended up having to get a refund from my credit card company because it was past the Paypal 45 day limit and they didn't care one bit.
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