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Thread: Gold in RRSP: CGT's ETF or BMG's mutual fund?

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    Default $1,000 to open a new Questrade RSP account!

    Questrade sounded good until I saw the $1,000 price tag for opening an account. Most self-directed RSP accounts can be opened for less than $50.

    I'll stay with CIBC and "paper" gold for now.

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    That's not the price, that's the minimum first deposit. I would think.

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    Default My mistake

    I just called Questrade today: opening a new account is actually free. As pointed out by Vangruv, the $1,000 is minimal funding. My mistake.

    I think I'll move from CIBC to Questrade. Actually, I am sure.

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    Thanks for the update Manny. I am interested in the process for transfering RSP's between other brokers and questrade. Is the questrade RSP self directed and is it able to hold not only questrade gold RSP but any other funds or stocks? I am a BMG investor through TD waterhouse self directed RSP. BMG is a great fund but I am diversifying into other PM funds like CEF bullion trusts. I would consider questrade gold as well. Please post a bit about your experiences. There are many people including myself who need the details to protect their registered investments.

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    I am in the process of opening an account with Questrade. Yes, the self-directed RSP allows you to hold the usual investment types (mutual funds, stocks, bonds) and also gold.

    As discussed in another thread, Questrade/Kitco will redeem your shares in physical gold after charging fees and ??% of income tax. Other gold funds or ETFs will not.

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    Anybody invested in Desjardins RRSP portfolis ?

    I have few thousand dollars in Multi-managment 100 fund which is up 48% last year but 5 year performance is not impressive....

    Since multi-managment 100 fund is 65% Canadian equity, 15% US & 15% international equity, I believe that it is not advisible to keep this money in this fund.

    I am open for your suggestions where & how to invest in RRSP....

    Thank you all for any help...

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    mad mad, my advice will be short but priceless : get a copy of "The Four Pillars of Investing" by William Bernstein. You'll go from mad mad to wise wise in one reading.

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