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Thread: Please use 'Ignore' feature

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    Joe, I like your posts.

    You enjoy life, which is great to see.

    To me, you seem to be a no Bull s... type of person.

    Diversity is what makes this forum great

    Keep posting; sort of missed your posts for a week or so.

    Hope you do well in 2010.

    I use the ignore a few times.

    PS: Some of the avatars, drive me nuts, so what I do now is just scroll past the avatar to read the comments.

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    never used it several said, "what, and miss the action" ?

    even though my BP gets a little high sometimes from some of the dorks that come and go thru here, as we have all have seen. it helps to make me feel superior and smug when i read them...

    then i can go to work nodding my head and talking to myself about the wonderful tidbits of smartness they tried to impart...and failed
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    Default Sometimes...its good

    to see someone spout happens.

    Different strokes for different folks.

    Its cheap entertainment.

    Its drama.

    Its Shakespere on the edge of the economic meltdown.
    (I'm a big fan of both...but not the meltdown part).
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    Why hasn't anybody posted on this thread yet ?

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    The ignore would be better if we didn't see the name of the person being ignored either or the quote.

    Of course threads with 20% of the posts blocked out sucks too. Its a quandry.

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    I use ignore for 2 posters (so far).
    The only problem is it doesn't hide the threads they start, only the posts they make.

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    I don't ignore anyone, and someone would really have to get on my nerves for that.

    Is there any way to see who is ignoring you?

    If not, is there any way to see how many people are ignoring you?

    Just wondering, cuz if I find out 100+ people are ignoring me I'll know I'm probably doing something wrong

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    What would happen if there was a Weekly Top 10 List of Most Ignored Posters?

    Would it help some posters clean up their act or would they feel forced to surrender and conform to ForumThink?

    If my name wasn't on the Top 10 List, I wouldn't continue to have this paranoid feeling that I am being ignored by many.

    This poll is comforting in that the maximum number who might have me on Ignore is only about 25%.

    If the poll said 98% use the Ignore feature, I'd really feel like a washed-up Vaudeville comedian telling jokes to the bartender and an empty nightclub,....,"Take my wife,..,please,....,she marks my emails as Junkmail, my mother has my phone calls on Call Block, my kid has his own picture posted at the Adoption Agency, and my dog bites me because he thinks only men in Postal Uniforms are allowed in the bedroom!"

    "Ignored and no respect"

    I have 0% on Ignore. Always. The mods keep the applecart upright, nicely, it seems.

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    Why would one hit "ignore", it is equivalent to turning a light out then saying Oh I See, makes about as much sense.

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    i use ignore for only one person here, unfortunately his nonsense still gets through when people quote him. please fix it so that the quotes are also filtered!

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