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Thread: Please use 'Ignore' feature

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    I don't ignore anyone. Everyone's got a right to voice their opinions. I did try to ignore myself . . . but it gave me a warning message saying I couldn't do it . . . and suggested I call 911 for immediate help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silver_miner View Post
    i use ignore for only one person here, unfortunately his nonsense still gets through when people quote him. please fix it so that the quotes are also filtered!
    You might do some personal introspection as if this fella is soooo bad why do others quote him so- maybe the problem is yours(?).

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    I ignore all the rednecks of course that only allows me to see about 20% of the post

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    Huh, nobody here.

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    I have used the Ignore function in the past, the only thing I have an issue with is that I decided to create a list of members I had placed on my iGnore List in my signature. I did this as a courtesy to those members so they would know not to quote my posts or make any direct references to me in any of their posts seeing as how I would be unable to read what they had said. Just trying to be fair to them and myself, plus I didn't want a friendly member to do something like send me a private message saying "member X badmouthed you in post X but you wouldn't know because you obviously have them on your iGnore List." <<< That leads to the pot being stirred and ultimately negates my intentions toward using the Ignore function because then I would want to take a member off my iGnore List to be able to read what they had said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feral child View Post
    I wonder what people do on forums that don't offer an ignore option, or for that matter,did before there was such a thing? Is it actually concievable that a person can ignore something without electronic means?

    It is only by electronic means we pay attention to anyone here.
    The off button is the ultimate ignore option, it's foolproof.

    But it's really no fun if you ignore the..... ahem... offenders.
    Whats life without a little adversity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feral child View Post
    My eyes.........

    My three year old grandson sings songs from this show.

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    Cool No and Yes

    "Do you use the ignore feature and does it work well for your needs?" I really wanted to respond to both of these questions, but the poll wouldn't allow two answers, So Im ignoring it.
    "Past performance does not guarantee future results"

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