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Thread: Live Precious Metals chart for desktop?

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    Default Live Precious Metals chart for desktop?

    Hey Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone knows of an application for a Live Precious Metals Spot chart for your Desktop.

    Just thought it would be nice to have it right on your desktop screen instead of having to open up a browser everytime i want to check the spot price.


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    I have Vista on my desktop computer and it has a desktop gadget (a small desktop application) that has the live price of silver and gold on it.
    If you use Vista you can download the free gadget here...
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    Yeah...Ive upgraded to Windows 7 and a new computer...

    Theres a few Gadgets...

    I have the live Gold the US dollar/Other Currencies Gadget...

    I also have a Stock Board Gadget, which shows the Dow, S&P500, NASDAQ, Nikkei 225, HP, and Ford...

    All available at the windows Gadgets page...

    If you have Vista or Windows 7....and you right click the desktop and select "Gadgets", a new window will open, and at the bottom right hand corner of that window, Is a link to the Gadgets page...

    If you are running can also run some gadgets, using a program, called Rainmeter...but I have no Idea what ones work, or dont...

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    kitco has i live titcker but dont know about charts

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