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abakan must be british, such stuff does not linger around with such nonchalance elsewhere. British pensioneers probably selling their goldstash little by little due to severe inflation. The actual GBP is only an anemic misery of the glorious pound sterling ... and people have to eat and pay taxes and electricity and transport and, and if the income value of yr pension cannot cover anymore expenses, people have to sell something. Golditiki2+++
Yes Goldi, no truer words than those. We got hit by inflation and it is still excessive up here. I just got walloped by a hefty government property tax increase. They are just as guilty of causing inflation as any large greedy corporation.

Not sure if Abakan is British or American, I would be doing the same thing if I found a honey hole like he has discovered. Like the old quote, "never share your goldmine" or you'll come to regret it.