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Thread: sovereigns

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    I just did a little digging around. There are 2 versions of the 2022 memorial sovereign. One has QE2 & the other has C3. Both have the coat of arms on the reverse. The QE coins are listed at a little over $900 while the C3 are listed at a little over $500. That seems like quite a spread.

    "Piedfort" sovs are also available. Apparently they are double thick & double the usual weight. Half, double, & quarter sovs are also out there with C3 on them. There seems to be quite a variety available.
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    The C111 sov price is just spot. IMO quite inviting, but one has also to add the transport costs and the valuta exchange...


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    Not sure where you can get the Charles III for spot. Even I had to pay about 15% over spot.

    In other news, yesterday I got another one

    1872L Shield die # 4
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    Another Charles III, this time about 5% cheaper, so not really all that bad.

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    Yesterdays hunt was pretty successful


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    CRIII coronation: i followed the performance on telly. the coronationperformance itself was quite sterile .

    The highlight IMO was the actual british prime minister his intervention, he didn't need a paper nor prompter and he recited the text as natural as if he had invented it all himself... A brilliant performer.

    Charles was visibly astonished and moved when the folks were hailing him en mass warmly ( despite the weather and the negative social media mood towards him in general ) when presenting himself and his wife at the B: palace.

    Princess Anne at 72 riding and chatting with the Coldstream colonel was just great , i loved how nonchalant their right arm bungles on their side as if isn't part of the whole riding movement. Real horsepeople.

    Ps they should move the Victoria statue and hill ( standing in frnt of B. palace ) on which it is placed to another place. It hinders the vieuw. Better have a fountain, one can switch the jets off when needed.

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    Both in AU+ for a good price. Had to give them a new home.

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    I was toying with getting a new Charles lll gold sov. So thought I would check ebay. I haven't been on there for a couple of years so had to run through all the security stuff. Seem to take forever.

    Wow...are they ever expensive. I need to find another site. The Royal Mint is out of them at present. drats! your own Health Care System... grow your own and eat well

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    1913L ( a damn fine one I might add )

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    More coming in.

    1862L (Shield)
    1887M (Veiled Victoria ) > S according to Marsh

    And a couple of halfs. Not my usual preference, but for spot? Heck, yeah.


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