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Thread: Kitco Gold Forum Nomenclature

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    Default FUBAR= fuged up beyond any recolonization.

    Fudged up beyond all recognition
    Buy Gold and Silver, then wait.
    Gold, Silver: Beautiful Insurance in Ugly Situations
    Monetary triangle: U-Unit of Account, W-Store of Wealth, M-Medium of Exchange.
    PMs are unencumbered tangible fungible fractionable portable durable liquid insurance...without counter party risk; elementary, "Internet Safe" w/o tech issues.
    Silver cheaper than Gold, both precious !!
    Gold and Silver are elemental with no man-in-the-middle.

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    dyodd - do your own due diligence
    fwiw - for what its worth

    gsr - gold : silver ratio

    90% - USA pre 1965 US coinage - Quarters, dimes, and halfs, as well as dollars.
    Junk silver - 90% as well as Canada's 80%, and other countries as well. its called "junk" because these coins are NOT rare dates, or rare errors- they are not sought after by the numismatic crowed. But they are a great way to hold physical silver when you buy rolls of junk silver.

    ASW/AGW - Actual silver weight/ Actual gold weight- Total amount of silver or gold in an alloy of other metals. (commonly used with 90%) - see "melt"

    Spot vs. melt -

    spot- Comex or other markets current value of the commodity silver, or gold measured in Troy Ounces.

    Melt- Basically the ASW of a coin. Ex. ($1.00 face) of 90% silver contains .715 of an ounce of silver. So we could say that $10.00 face value of junk silver has a melt value of 7.15 Ounces. We could sell that for around 7.15 times the spot price
    ex. The ASE was selling for $1.00 over SPOT, But the 90% silver Half dollar was selling for $.25 over melt (or over its Melt Value of .35 ounces) Melt will equate to a different premium "per ounce" (spot)

    Gov't Minted coins-
    Phill- Vienna, Austrian Philharmonic
    Lib- Mexican Libertad
    Kook Australian Kookaburra - Design changes every year
    ATB - "America the beautiful" 5 ounce coin series offered by the US mint. These coins carry a premium and many people consider them to have a greater numismatic value than the American Silver Eagle.

    Monster Box/ Green Monster - Mint box filled with 25 tubes of 20 American Silver Eagles per tube. 500 Coins total.
    (Maple leafs come 25 to the tube, and have 20 tubes per box. This is one significant difference for some between ASE's and Maples)

    Coin- A round metal that is minted by a government, and carries a face value
    round- A round "coin looking piece" that is minted by a private mint. They never carry a face value (except for the rare Norfed dollars, which are not gov't minted"

    Dry powder - available funds (in fiat/ cash) usually dedicated to PM purchases. Ex. Holding cash waiting for a dip to buy

    JPM- JP Morgan

    ETF - Exchange Traded Fund

    Bull/bullish - A market that generally is moving upward. Someone who believes the metal is heading upward.
    Bear/Bearish - A market moving downward. Someone who wants/ believes the price will fall

    Long- Buying/ holding A stock or metal that appreciates in value as the price moves upward. (Straight forward trading) Eg "I'm long silver and gold." (Bullish)
    Short - A form of "Reverse trading". A short etf of silver will appreciate in value as the price of silver falls. (Bearish)
    Double Short - "Double the inverse of silver" etf that moves up ~$2.00 for every $1.00 drop in silver. (ZSL)

    Let me know if you spot any errors or have any comments.

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    Great Help For New Guys.

    Thanks @BuyLowSellHigh for the link.

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    Yes thanks BLSH I did not see TBTF or a few others . Maybe the mods could update and refresh the list. This is just a humble request with all due respect to your techighness. Also is there a way to easily refer back to the list ?

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