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Thread: Am I the only one buying Pd?

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    Hello to all. This is my first post. I guess the biggest question I have is if I'm the only person around here that is actually buying Palladium? I know all the stuff about the Russians manipulating the supply and stuff like that, but as far as a long term investment I think Pd has a lot of upside. I think that in the future (10-25 years) the increased demand for fuel cells will create a major demand for Pd. From my understanding Palladium is only slightly more abundant than Platinum, and we all know how expensive Pt is.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm still young (under 30) and have time, hopefully, for seriously long term investments. Is that why everyone else shies away from Pd?

    Don't worry, Pd is not my only investment. Any comments would be appreciated.
    I don't buy palladium because I know nothing about it, it's a thin market, whom would I sell too { imagine an add on e'bay > Palladium for sale }

    and hasn't it already gone up huge in recent years ?

    I'll be reading your posts to 'educate' myself a little.

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    just like futures pit they will let you in but not necessarily let you out ...

    this is why warehouse receipts are the best deal if you have any real money, you have physical that is yours, it is insured, and you can quickly convert it back into cash ...

    you can have a bunch of physical buried in your back yard, but what if you need money one day? what will you do, get raped by the dealers and pay collectible taxes? for anyone putting more than a million into precious metals this won't work ...

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    was , maybe 2 years ago, suppose to replace plat, in veh, cat, converters,, I don't spect that to happen,,,

    just yesterday, I saw that these global warming sexperts, are saying that the pine forest of europe, and canada, are the cause of global warming, ( supposdly draining the energy of the sun ) and if those ancient pine forest were cut to teh ground ,, global warming would be stopped

    what a guey frenchmen !! just a sick play on the masses,


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