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    Default Rhodium Stocks

    I tried to post about this in the stocks forum but it seems dead. There has been a fair bit of stock talk here recently (and the silver folk obvioulsy give the best advice anyway!) so I thought I'd re-post in the hope of garnering some insight.

    I've been thinking more and more of late that rhodium is looking a very attractive investment. However, I'm not at all keen on going down the pool route - partly due to the terrible spread and partly due to the risk of default. So that leaves physical and stocks.

    I'm enquiring into physical at present but am not overly keen becasue I worry it wouldn't be the most liquid of investments, and wondered if anyone here had anything to say on Rhodium miners? Is anyone invested in rhodium stocks? I really know little-to-nothing about this side of things but am keen to learn...

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    I did some research into this exact investment a few months back.

    Unfortunately, there are no specific mining companies that I found that mine just rhodium. I suspect it is a byproduct of mining other minerals in general.

    Insofar as holding physical rhodium, the problem you run into is that no one really mints it. There is one company out of California.. not sure the name (do a search in the Platinum forum and you'll probably find it)... this company can supposedly make rounds.. I inquired about this to no avail. I asked about minting 50 - 100 rounds. no response. Say you were able to get them or another mint to make you your own rhodium -- the next problem that arises is, who do you sell to?

    There is no futures market for Rhodium like there is for other metals, so this is a bummer as you can't trade on paper either.

    It seems that the only way to invest in the metal is via the Kitco Rhodium Pool account. This actually seems like a pretty good deal.

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    i know this doesn't help your search all that much.. just thought i'd share my experience.
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    Ditto. I came across a company called Americanelements who mint rhodium coins and contacted them for a price, and no answer. And I also thought 'do I want to pay x-thousand for these coins and then not know how to get rid of them when the time comes'.

    And I'm too paranoid too invest in pool. So it's a tricky one, cos I'm convinced it's the place to be, if I could just find a way of getting in there!

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    Companies like Norilsk Nickel mines rhodium/platinum/paladium I believe. But you would need a broker that can buy Russian stocks. I wouldn't want to invest in Rhodium though since owning the physical stuff is not a liquid investment. I doubt your coin dealer or ebay clients are going to want to buy rhodium powder. Plus if shtf I wouldn't want to be stuck with stock in a company located in a hostile foreign power. Try looking at the platinum miners they probably mine rhodium too if your hell bent on it.

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    Default physical rhodium

    Is this what you are after?

    I came across a company called Americanelements who mint rhodium coins and contacted them for a price, and no answer.
    I came across that company too. I'm pretty sure that the stuff about Xx element being available as a metal in foil form, bar, etc. has been copied and pasted onto every element's page. Metallic osmium foil? (less compressible than diamond) I doubt it. I think they locked up the place and are waiting for the recovery.

    If my memory serves me: Rhodium is pyrophoric in powdered form, along with a lot of other awesome metals. Rhodium is very hard and has a high melting point. I would try to find high purity wire for a low premium...good luck.

    I have seen lumps of it on Ebay about a month ago. Try Ebay seller: rgbco
    His ebay store is element collection. His state side partner's store is element sales. They sell PGMs in the form of what I call "arc drops". They get high purity metal in powder form and then put it in a high temp vacuum electric arc furnace with a little bit of rarefied inert gas to keep things from reacting. (Now I've done enough unpaid advertising for them)

    These "arc drops" are, IMHO, the ultimate bullion due to their super high melting points and non-reactive nature. I use the term "cast into eternity" even though they are not technically cast.

    So, how about a 300% premium on ~1 gram rhodium drops? How about a 250% premium on a 1 troy ounce "arc drop" of osmium? Personally, I like the upside (and color) of ruthenium. Never mind the premium on that one.

    I use this site for quotes on the PGMs. Just google "spot price osmium" then click on the "Precious Metals in US Dollars" link. It looks as though some don't trade but once every couple months what with the recession so bad.
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    That's because you don't mine rhodium. It's a by-product of platinum mining.

    If you went and looked at the websites of the platinum miners you would see how much rhodium they are getting, eg http://angloplatinum.investoreports....61752c1db86d1b

    Seriously, if you cannot read accounts and reports, you shouldn't be investing in shares.

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    So, how about a 300% premium on ~1 gram rhodium drops? How about a 250% premium on a 1 troy ounce "arc drop" of osmium?
    Sorry, I did the math wrong. Premium = (physical price - spot) / spot price

    So: rhodium had a 200% premium while osmium has 125% premium

    I recall Johnson Mathey produces some Rh as a byproduct of mining Pt and Pd. I don't think they are a publicly traded company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thod00 View Post
    Seriously, if you cannot read accounts and reports, you shouldn't be investing in shares.
    I can read accounts and reports, I was just wanting some discussion as I know a fair bit about a lot of different silver companies but zero about platinum/palladium/rhodium miners, so was just looking for an 'in' to begin my research as there's an awful lot of mining companies out there. As it is, Jubilee Platinum is the company I'm following at present.

    Cyclic I can't believe you've seen rhodium go on Ebay! Will definitely keep an eye on that store and the taxfreegold site cheers.

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    Default They re-listed it juat for you!

    ebay: "rhodium metal"
    search by "most expensive first"

    If you want "investment quantities" of Rh arc drops then send a PM to rgbco and they can give you a quote per Troy ounce and you can do it outside of feebay to save on fees.

    They can't get the powdered metal at spot either, not with the price slump, not in small quantities. However, they most surely can get it.
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    What's the point? Have you ever seen any dealer offering to buy rhodium?

    Gold coins are easy to test and easy to sell on to other investors. If you have too many you can always send them for scrap to be melted and sold in the bullion market. Not so with rhodium. Nobody is set up to assay it and they wouldn't want your drops anyhow. They want something they can assay and they need a liquid market to sell it to. That doesn't exist for rhodium. If you look at spot prices and don't consider how you are going to get rid of it, then you will get burned.

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