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Thread: How will growing economies affect the POP and Palladium over the next decade?

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    Default How will growing economies affect the POP and Palladium over the next decade?

    How does the average person buy platinum today? I believe that it is primarily through the direct consumer purchase of industrial products such as automobiles/parts. Given that, how will the growing world demand for autos/industrial products impact the price of platinum over the next decade? Will platinum hit such an expensive price that once again palladium will become an attractive alternative for industrial purposes?

    As an autocatalyst, platinum has the unique ability to reduce the level of toxins produced by combustion engines. With the rise of awareness of "global warming" (whether it is empty rhetoric or fact does not matter) and the growing Green Party political movement increasing among western nations, will this put pressure on industry to produce a "cleaner" product to consumers and/or implement the use of these metals in the reduction of factory emmisions? Could this eventually trickle to Asia? Will platinum or palladium play a part in that, causing the demand to rise?

    Fuel cell technology also incorporates the use of platinum and palladium. Even though it may be a ways off, will this also add to the growing demand?

    Where do you think platinum will be in the next 5 years, the next 10?

    Please add your own comments on how the auto & additional industries could impact the price of platinum and paladium over the next decade.

    (For all practical purposes, I am a 30 year old investor, taking a long position, and am considering my PM physical, allocated holdings to be my "nest egg")

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    There are also Platinum coins (Proof or Uncirculated) that you can buy from the US Mint. I assume that other countries also sell them, but I haven't looked. I have seen commemerative coins, etc in Platinum.

    But, I agree, most people buy their platinum in products.

    Unless they find a substitute for platinum/palladium, I think the long term outlook is bullish, but its price will be reflected in the cycles of the products that it is used in. So if car sales crash, then the car industry will use less platinum, but in the long run, not a lot of the platinum is being recycled so we are using it up as we mine it.

    Eventually, China will want to clean up its air (last I looked 7 of the 10 most poluted cities in the world were in China). They will want to put catalytic converters on all their cars. Thats LOTS of platinum.

    I have heard that the hydrgen fuel cells use platinum. If we go to a "hydrogen economy", then platinum will be in high demand.

    If/When oil becomes very expensive, what new technologies will be developed that require plat/pallad? Who knows but I bet there will be some.

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    Default Plat coins

    I prefer the American and Canadian platinum coins over the bars. I like the Maple Leafs best -- I might try to get some more of the 1/10 - 1/4 oz sizes in the very near future

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    hmmm catalytic converters for China?

    gotta be careful there - I think it's Peugeot that's just come out with a next-generation car diesel engine that self-generates a cleansing process - should look into it whether it reduces or eliminates the need for platinum in catalytic converters...

    good luck to all...

    dacrunch - still seeing $12 silver as the "no-brainer"...

    disclaimer: Who, me? What? Why? Where? How?

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