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    I was listening to a YT video of some lady with quite “out there” predictions and she said she only buys collectible silver and gold (or was it just gold) because its something that the .gov can’t take in a PM confiscation. Now I don’t think there would be a consfication, but if there was, the big banks own enough physical silver that they would just hand over leaving the little guys like us, alone.

    But, in the face of a consfication, what is a “collectible” that can’t be taken by the .gov? She didn’t elaborate on that.

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    Pretty much anything that is before a historic cutoff date that is in coin form, I believe 1930's was a previous cutoff. Also, any jewelry, art pieces, dore, raw/unrefined gold, etc.

    But unless you own paper trail gold (like have ounces stored with an insured vault, etc), if it is anonymous, then just bury it and wait for better times, if society ever came to shtf confiscation times.

    I belong to a mining club with many shared claims, we are constantly pulling hobby amounts out and sending to the refiner. Our govt, if it ever needed americans gold that bad, actually encourages the private and corporate mining of gold, as this just adds to the govt coffers, so mining will always be exempt.
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    I have seen many beautiful rings and jewelery made from coins. I am thinking I could become an "artist" with anything classified as confiscatable.
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    I have actually done that, also for friends have cast "brass" doorknobs that look exactly like antique brass, fun.

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    During WWII, a lot of privately owned silverware was melted down for the war effort.

    Nothing is safe when governments decide to make bold moves.
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    Looks like I should buy a smelter.

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    "if it is anonymous, then just bury it and wait for better times, if society ever came to shtf confiscation times."

    ^^^^ Shades has a point. Keeping it hidden away and not being a blabbermouth could keep it from getting snatched away by TPTB.

    In addition to confiscation, though, I'd also be looking out for any schemes to tax the daylights out PM sales.

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    confiscation = black market....end of story.

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