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    I was reading about a new type of hydrogen reactor that produces alumina as a byproduct & that got me reading about alumina production, & that got me reading about contaminants & byproducts & that led me to a bit about a very rare element - Te. Despite being about the rarest of the rare, it's price is not that high, because it is a byproduct of copper refining and consumption demand is in line with production capacity. Currently, 40% of the annual supply goes into solar panels, but it has many other uses. I'm thinking that if there is ever a crimp in copper production & the demand for solar does not also subside, the price of this stuff could multiply. That leaves me to wonder, where might I be able to invest in this metal?
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    Maybe start by calling local refiners, my guess is most who answer the phone would go duh at the sound of tellurium. Might have to search around for a buyer . Maybe a better question is where to buy it, and I doubt you have room in your backyard to refine used solar panel.
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    That leaves me to wonder, where might I be able to invest in this metal?
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