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    Iíve been gradually stacking on and off since the late 80ís. Always having the plan to improve my quality of life when I retire by swing my stack to supplement my life style. Small pleasures in life. Food, drink, toys, vacations, help the kid or those in need i choose to..
    My stack has alway been about insurance and peace of mind.
    Now that Iím retired (6 years) I find that I really donít need to touch my stack so I keep it feeling safe and just enjoy it for what it is.
    As we all know life has a way of changing on dime and throwing curveball at you.
    Two months back I developed and autoimmune disease and will spare the details but lets just say I was pretty sick and very concerned.
    The fun of navigating the healthcare system became a challenge to say the least. Getting appointments with specialists itself was daunting. Then looking at prescription medicine was a challenge in itself.
    Of course I have Medicare, a great supplement and a good perscription drug plan. But was still looking at thousands of dollars and endless phone calls for tests, dr appointments all the while feeling like crap.
    I spoke with my brother and discussed options at length. One of those options was getting a concierge doctor. I looked into it and met with a practice and was impressed with their level of care. lets just say that level of care comes with a price and trust me, it not cheap.
    I thought about it and honestly this is exactly what my stack is for. Quality of life. Funny, I always thought it would be for fun things but the reality is it is buying me peace of mind that I never could have afforded me without these years of stacking.
    Yes and I still have a stack to fall back on too!
    My health is improving and I am feeling better as time goes by. This may have been the best money Iíve spent and am great full I was in a position to do so.

    I wonít into the state of our healthcare system, medical or perscription drugs as thatís a whole different topic.
    Just thought Iíd share thisÖ

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    Thanks for sharing Jed. Nice to hear all is turning out well for you.

    In some circumstances the lyrics are not entirely accurate. " And all your money won't another minute buy"

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    Jed I hope you find many ways to continue enjoying life... you're right quality of life is right up there with security.

    Some people dislike it maybe some hate it but many, as I did, like it - Kaiser. Everything is under one roof so to speak. When reading about the rigamaroe you are having to go through... well, I think if you check it out you might end up being glad you did.

    And "open enrollment" starts on the 15th, tomorrow.

    Wishing you the best. Good to see you here.

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    Your stack came through for you. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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    there is no better way to spend one's wealth than on one's health.
    good to see u spent your stack the best way the stack meant for.
    great to hear your story and the positive outcome

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    I think you are doing what you have to do and what you do with your stack is up to you. I hope your health returns and you can rebuilt your stack.

    Some decades ago I used my stack to allow me to afford the down payment on my 1st house after we moved to California. I've rebuilt the stack, but needs must. I also think that having all of your wealth tied up in PM is not making the best use of your savings. The four steps, IMHO, are to pay off any short term debt, then invest in a 401K/IRA, build up a 3-6 month emergency fund and then stack. That way you aren't selling your stack when the timing is bad and you take a haircut being forced to sell. But that's just me. Medical care and retirement changes priorities and you do what you have to do to make it through the tough times or to end of life.

    It's Medicare plan change time and digging through the process to get a new 2024 Medigap and Part D once again is weeding through the BS and figuring out what's the best plan begins anew. My old Part D plan is doubling in monthly price and I live where there's a limited number of choices. The AARP's Part D plans in my area would have me paying over $17,000 for prescription cost plus the monthly fee. So they're out. Lots of 2 star plans to chose from. Yippy!

    I've stuck to traditional Medicare vs. an Advantage plan since I'm less restricted in choice of doctors. I've had more than my share of hospital visits and have a crap load of expensive pills that test the Medicare pricing system (and my pocket) to have to put up with out of system BS of switched pills, plus new doctors, that would happen with so many advantage plans. But to each their own and what's right for me might be completely wrong for someone else.

    2025 changes Part D all over again and so shopping we go will happen all over again next fall.

    Anyone remember - "If you like your plan you can keep your plan"? Goes along with "I'll gladly pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today" and "This will hurt me as much as it hurts you".
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