Interview by Stephen Gardner

Saylor is saying, among other things, that the way to avoid the loss of your assets values or purchasing power, aka financial energy, is... bitcoin.

His approach is very slow (methodical, not paced) and detailed. He jump starts it away from the initial question about bitcoin and speaks at some length about inflation. He continues through all the asset classes dismissing most as fast paced losers of value except property but property needs correct location to stay up with inflation. At some point he gets to selling bitcoin as property, saying there's only 21 million blocks and before long some 8 billion people are going to want to move there.

He didn't get asked about potential risk, for example the central banks causing btc to be persona non gratis for any company or person tied at all to the fiat system.

All of the reasons I am a believer were brought up and probably a few that were new to me. At this moment though I think there is too much risk of the fiat syndicate criminals shutting down demand by a huge factor. One can imagine what tactics they might use to get the majority of people to comply.

For the exact reason of inflation, I am looking for a way to get out of some fiat and into an asset(s). The video got me re-considering my view of bitcoin.