Over the many years I have been investing in gold and silver, I have come to the realization that anything good or bad can happen at any time so it's best to be prepared for disaster. I wouldn't be surprised if within the next month (or even week) that silver crashes to fifteen an ounce and that gold goes to 1500. My gold mining fund could easily decline 20% or more from here. The broader stock market - Why not another Great Depression where the market crashed almost 90%? Will the government nationalize my mining and global resource funds? Again, why not? Will they attempt to outlaw or even confiscate my gold and silver coins? I really wouldn't be surprised at anything that happens. I am not leveraged on any of my investments, so even if the prices go way down I know that it will be temporary and I might even be able to pick up more coins and shares on the cheap. What are your worst case concerns?