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Thread: Why not mention gold?

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    Buying bonds (or other loan type securities) can pay well, but only if you are on the correct side of interest rate changes. Buying a high interest bond and selling when when the rate drops can result in a decent gain. Buying when interest rates are low (like so many banks have done) and then trying to sell when rates are high will result in huge loss. If it is a 30 year bond (T bill) you may have to hold to the end and take the return promised and just lose use of the funds until then. Plus suffer from inflation caused loss of purchasing power. Or the ability to loan if you are a bank. Like what's happening now with so many banks. However, buying a one month T-bill paying about 5% doesn't look too bad for cash on hand. That's because of the inverted yield curve that's happening at the moment too. Safer than the stock market and yet giving a decent return. Much better than a bank's 0.0000000001% interest (ha!) on a savings account.
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    i might partly agree with longdonsilver, 30 year bonds are out of bonds ( no pun intended) due to currency value inflation. month bills at five pct are palatable under the circumstances but not a glorious buy neither..
    Gold is actually not doing well in dollars, guess a lot of gold ETF ers are selling to prop up their losses in other branches, but it is not a problem because physical is doing well, because it is incognito, and that is an advantage.

    I think the bankruptcyspell has to run out ( and that baby is maybe only in its nappies, at least in europe ). The reaction to the economic slowdown is actually still a riddle, I think this actual bankruptcy shakeout is intentional. Have to teach the wild young generation that clicideas need an economic result to be valid.

    Once that lesson learnt, they might maybe again open the moneyspout a bit.


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    Over time, if you average out purchase dates (no cherry picking), gold has done considerably better than bonds, long, short, treasury, private, whatever. I have posted charts on this before, this time I will let others do the homework.

    Now, if you are a trader, and can time your buys and sells correctly, you can do very well with bonds (or anything else for that matter) - however all said and done, for long term holding gold is a wiser choice -- and this is not even taking into account that you can hold gold more discreetly (such as to keep safe from thieves & tyrants).
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    just read Blackstone story on Zerohedge mentioning " redemption restrictions " . I guess this type of action is partly slowing the " recession " . Redemption restrictions are everywhere, if one wants to redempt money from his bank, one cannot tale more than a certain sum ( one of course one himself has determined in order to be safe case hackers would rob you, well safety is the dubious the false flag explanation. So one has to wait a while before he can redeem another batch of money, If this is done everywhere, this blunts the movements.

    It is one of the defenses the PTB have invented the stealth way. When UP, one can do whatever he likes, when down, one iis on the hurdle track... Moreover suddenly all rules change... for your best...of course, Big Brother thinks for the silly small boy.

    I just cannot refrain from laughing when people buy 10 year or longer bonds. It is clearly value destruction due to the depreciation of the of the principal its currency value. Inflation is a rat.


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    The way I have done best with stocks, Is to buy a diversified portfolio of S&P stocks with reasonable PE ratios that aren't likely to fail and also have moderate volatility; in lots of even multiples of 100 shares. Then sell weekly and monthly covered calls slightly out of the money(sell some of the risk) for immediate income while also leaving a bit of room for appreciation. Re-balance on Fridays.
    OH...!!....And long term..........Gold, silver, and income hold a mortgage here and there on a property that sold.

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