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If you are looking for Tesla stock like growth then you will never be happy with silver. However, in my lifetime silver has gone from being used in many USA coins to being worth $25 more or less per ounce. So based upon that then silver has done okay as far as holding its own in maintaining value. Again, you can't expect it to grow like a company that goes from startup to producing billions in dollars in sales with perhaps a huge profit margin. As a waiter once said to me, "If we don't meet your expectations, please lower your expectations". I think you are expecting way too much. Growth like that requires more risk. Risk that requires not buying the metal, but buying the mine.

I have read several times that between 2001-2011, the HUI gold mining index soared 1,664% and silver stocks likely did better than that. The HUI then crashed 85% in the next few years. Best to be very careful and even paranoid. I have a gold/precious metals mining fund which should (that often magic word) do very well in the next decade or so. Of course, I will believe it when I finally see it.