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Thread: Platinum Deficit in 2023 to be deeper than expected

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    Default Platinum Deficit in 2023 to be deeper than expected

    "LONDON (Reuters) - A global deficit of platinum in 2023 will be deeper than previously expected due to strong industrial demand, the World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC) said in a quarterly report on Wednesday, adding that the shortage could persist for years...."

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    Default Record platinum deficit of 1 million ounces expected for 2023

    "The latest estimates see a record platinum deficit of nearly one million ounces for 2023 as demand accelerates and supply remains very tight, the World Platinum Investment Council said.

    The latest update projects a deficit of 983,000 ounces for this year, up 77%, with demand rising 28% and supply dropping 1% from 2022, Edward Sterck, director of research at World Platinum Investment Council, told Kitco News.

    "This is a record deficit in the time series that we have going back to 2013 at almost a million ounces," Sterck said. "It's a record deficit going back as far as other records show into the early 1970s as well."..."

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    Default Platinum (PPLT) rejects the 100 DMA....

    Dollar fell last week giving a bump last week but the 100 DMA was a cap looking for the PPLT to test the lower bound of an envelope....This would be a possible buying opportunity when the stock market corrects and get to a more buyable washout. Maybe we test 83 then 79 and if really bad news strikes we could get way over sold to hit 78. with the weak dollar considered Platinumis a value here... would be an excellent spot to add as the stochs get sold down..

    I asked about Maples but it looks like I will get a mix of Maples Kooks, Roos and Britannia....catch as catch can...I use PPLT to lock in a bottom if I can't get coins.

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