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Thread: Exhaust catalyzer metals: an uncertain future.

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    Default Exhaust catalyzer metals: an uncertain future.

    Palladium, Rhodium and Platinum are used for car exhaust catalyzers. Despite its superb heat and wear resistance, Platinum use is not overwhelming. Traditionally it has been used mainly for gasoil (Diesel) engines. Low Platinum prices have led to designing-in platinum/palladium alloys for regular gasoline engines. New designs take time for approval and in the mean time the electrification of the car fleet is getting traction ... Yet Platinum also is the only PGM metal with a meaningful industrial demand outside the car industry.

    This is the main idea on Platinum in this article on PGM metals and silver. Plenty of graphs, both USD price and Gold to PGM-metal ratios.

    Deflating speculative bubble of catalyzer precious metals

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    The article above calls palladium a "one-trick pony", however like platinum, palladium may also be used in the hydrogen economy:
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    Default RE: Exhaust catalyzer metals: an uncertain future.

    "Palladium is the one-trick pony in the PGM stable. The entire mining production is used for catalyzer material. Mainly since it is the preferred metal in catalyzers for regular car gasoline."

    The way I read it, is that so much Pd is used for catalyzers that it leaves little room for other uses. I would have preferred the breakdown of Pd consumption, rather than that the entire mining production is used for catalyzers. The Pd recovery yield doesn't need to be very high for the production of exhaust catalyzers actually using more than total Pd mining production.

    It is quite obvious for a Palladium producer (as Palladium one) to investigate other uses such as in the hydrogen economy. However no fuel cell producer is going to give it a second thought while Palladium trades at a premium to Platinum.

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    Default new DOE critical metals list for 2023

    Platinum is listed as critical...palladium got dumped!!

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    Suits me very well. I'd like it to rise up to some old glory days.

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    Last time I recall Platinum in this price area, I was doing modeling accounts toying with investing...
    I bought platinum in that model....not too terribly long after that it was up around $2600/oz....and
    I missed that ride. Now, it almost seems a no brainer to get some phyz platinum, times are different now
    and....I think I will just get some popcorn instead, maybe set up a modeling account again...
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