It won't let me reply with quotes to the question of why it does not look correct. Let me count the ways on the obverse. US mint picture for comparison -

The font for the date is incorrect
The font for the In God we Trust is in correct, most noticeable on the G in God.
The bottom helm on the dress is missing pleats.
The B in liberty has more B showing on the fake.
The font for LIBERTY in incorrect most noticeable on the R.
The location where the ray intersects the L in liberty is not even close.
There is a big bump in front of the sun on the ground on the fake.
The feet have no toe definition on the fake and the sandal straps are off.
The stars on the fake are smaller and the background more uniform.
The face and the hat have no definition on the fake.

I could go on but that should be enough to determine it is not real.