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Don't say no one.
I know I wouldn't, and you wouldn't, and everyone reading this(the humans anyway) wouldn't, but we're not everyone.
Do a search on completed auctions on Ebay for simply "silver eagle". the listings that are completed and sold. I see one or 2 that sold for 99 cents, with free shipping, from reputable sellers. A mistake maybe, or maybe a marketing effort.

Apart from Internet world, I've known anecdotally from bank tellers/bank managers of the people who deposited $500 bills, $1000 bills, even $10,000 bills. And a few tales of depositing rolls of silver coins or gold coins, the #1 story would be the older lady who went to deposit a couple of rolls of $20 gold coins and a few rolls of Carson City dollars, all original and BU.

As far as your auction in the OP, I do think it's most probable a fake, being sold knowingly or unknowingly, with a lean to unknowingly. I'm just not as sure as you and others who've posted are.
Ebay/Amazon/Craigslist/Etsy/Sotheby's/Christie's/Facebook, etc./etc. are all company's who try to make a profit.....some are better than others at policing what's being bought/sold but in my experience I've seen fakes from all of them.
You are welcome to use your own money to find out if this is a bargain or a fake. I for one would rather not subject myself to the risk. As for banks taking in valuable currency without informing their clients, shame on them. Or perhaps shame on the teller that was willing to take advantage of an uninformed person and win a profit for themselves.