Coins, rounds, bar or junk???????

Do you have a favorite? Why?

Just a basic overview for the new folks.

Coins have a face value stamped on them and stamped by the governent of the country of issue.

Rounds are not stamped by a set value. In other words void of such markings. Could be plain as generic Buffaloes, or the round makers company designs. Some can be limited editions, like Disney or comic book charactors.

Bars are just that, bars. They come in various weights and the 1 & 10 oz. sizes being the most popular.

Junk coins are old coinage sold in bulk, 90% silver being the most common, followed by sterling silver and then lastly the Canadian 80% silver coins.

Within the last year the PREMIUMS have increased more than I've ever seen or experienced. All the above have premiums and they vary from time to time. But usually the mint created coinage carries a higher premium. I just saw a you-tube and bars were just slightly more which is unusual. I will try to include a link. (4:23 minute mark is interesting)
Lots of videos available.

I like all the first three basic types I listed and own little junk as it is hard to find up here. Coins are the most in my collection, followed by bars then rounds take 3rd. place. I will buy bars if they catch my eye and the premium is to my liking. But I started early in this game of metals thus my coins out number anything else.

Phycology come into play choosing one over the other. I find those that chose coins and rounds own few bars and not very comfortable in buying bars. Maybe attributed to the lack of research, and thus a slight mistrust. The larger size bars such as the 10oz. size are pretty popular, more so than the 1oz. size, probably due to paying less of a premium. There are some new bars that have hit the market recently with security features but will let you research those yourselves.

In the past 2 or 3 years or so, maybe a bit longer, coins like the Turtle, were collected like crazy by dates. When is the last time you heard about the Turtle? Pandas, Kooks, Kangaroos as well as the new silver Krugerrand were the common coins of the day. Trends sure do change over time.

Let us know favorites and your views. Cheers ..PS...there are no rules, just common sense.