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Thread: Big Lots pain thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by t00nces2 View Post
    BIG looks like it is failing. Look at Bed, Bath and Beyond and other discount retailers that have failed. Might be a good idea to bail on BIG. Just my opinion.
    The Dollar Stores are still expanding in my area. All the smaller towns are getting or got them. Big Lots is up in the big town that has plenty of the $ Stores. I suppose that hits them pretty hard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by and4rik View Post
    Hi all, new to investing in the rigged stock market here. Looking for others take on Big Lots (BIG) stock. I myself have been buying and averaged my price to 11$. What I definitly don't understand is with 1400 stores nationwide and a market cap of $245,000,000 at stock price of $8.50 that would make the average value of each store $175,000. Of course we are not including warehouse inventory locations and online business/delivery as well. What am I missing here, the investor prospectus seems to clearly illustrate goals and achievments in a transparent way, although I admit I am unable to decipher tables with earnings, debt, and loses. Is this just a case, but in the opposite direction, of a meme stock gone wild. Dividend payout is still .30 per quarter, so my only real fear is a total bankruptcy out of nowhere. I have resisted stocks for my entire life, rational being with gold/silver even if the price goes down zero is not a real possibility.
    With any investment you have to ask yourself is this the best use of my limited investment funds. Do you have knowledge regarding that company that the general population of investors have overlooked or from personal research have uncovered that leads you to think that the company will outperform the market? That the market, in general, is in a bull market and not a bear market. What companies to best in a bear vs. those that do best in a bull market.

    Regarding Big Lots, IMHO, it is most likely to get hurt by the economy that's sinking. So many retailers are closing stores and inflation related costs are rising. I'd run as fast as I could from BIG. If you own stock in it, take the loss and move on. The chances of it recovering and giving you a profit in the near future is slim and none. Use the loss to cover profits in other investments on your next tax filing.
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    "That's not money" - Ben Bernanke

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    Credit Suisse Maintains Big Lots (BIG) Underperform Recommendation
    May 23, 2023 02:03 pm EDT

    I believe they have lowered their target to 7$

    Big Lots better pull out of its nose dive soon or they will be renamed Big Lotta Pain ( for shareholders)

    Hopefully for any site members that have invested in this speculative stock, the earnings report will be good, this week.

    Good thing is not many are anticipating any good news first quarter, so the bar is set low.

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    Looks like the market wasn't too enthralled with Big Lots earnings report yesterday.

    Down to 6.25 per share or -13% on a strong day for the markets in general.

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    Big Lots a very volatile stock now, up today over 7%. Question is how much was the dividend supporting the price and can it over shoot $10 passing the 9$ target.
    "That's not money" - Ben Bernanke

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    Wow, only 29 million shares out, looks like it's squeezing up. Everything in my ameritrade brokerage advising area says sell, I see some insider buying early June. Still, it seems like a pretty decent store that buys up cheap things to resell out, and looks to compete with many different retailers all at the same time, following say the Walmart concept, I see they have allot of favorable google reviews.

    They stopped paying the dividend?, share price hitting all time lows but the company has been in business a long, long time.

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    I pity anyone who did not cash out at 10.40$

    However it looks as if management has taken significant steps to pay down debt so this could be just the beginning of a parabolic move, sort of.
    "That's not money" - Ben Bernanke

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    Another canary in the coal mine. Consumers pulling back.

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