Planning a trip to Costa Rica?

If so, my wife and I would like to invite you to stay at one of our newly built casitas in Uvita, Costa Rica.

Each of the four casitas (Spanish for 'little house") is 1bed/1bath with full kitchen. You can view the Airbnb listings here

Uvita is in the 'southern zone' area of Costa Rica on the Pacific coast side. It has great beaches and also boast the "Whales Tale" national park beach. There is loads of activities to do within a short distance of Uvita. Restaurans, banks, grocery stores, etc are all there.

Costa Rica has two main seasons - the dry season, approximately from late November to early May, and the rainy season the rest of the year. Although Costa Rica is above the equator locals refer to the two seasons as summer (dry) and winter (rainy).

Costa Ricans are very friendly in general and enjoy a very slow pace. The greeting most often said to others is "Pura vida" which translates to different things but conceptually means "good life". Costa Rican food (comida típica) is liked by most visitors however by day 2 or 3 many are searching for something familiar like a hamburger... and there are a number of restaurants in Uvita that have great offerings.

We also have a 2br/1ba house in Tinamaste available on Airbnb. Tinamaste is also in the southern zone but up in the mountains at about 3000 feet altitude so the climate is very different - rarely gets hot etc. Tinamaste is a very small town with quite a few foreigners (Americans, Canadians, Europeans) staying generally for longer periods of time. One will get a better feel for the 'real' Costa Rica there than in Uvita which has many tourist generally staying a short time only.

Send me a private message if you are ever headed this way (I live here now along with my wife who is Costa Rican) and we can chat about setting up a special price for your stay either at one of the casitas or the house in the jungle.