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Thread: Frontline Age of Easy Money (full documentary)

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    Seems to big a big price reduction on at least one San Fran highrise.... Anyone want to go halfsies on a $100 offer?
    Wait until bottom and offer a buck 29.
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    QE never stopped, it just morphed into plandemic monies, SBA let go 200 billion in fraud alone.

    We are approaching 500 billion stolen. Heck some lady in Chicago stole 1.4 million dollars in chicken wings from a school district before they finally stopped her. The UI raid was huge, we know that. I even got lucky and got in on that, but only 3 months worth, first time in my life I got away with NOT working, or should I say, NOT looking for work. Actually I was, but the HR process is so cumbersome and corrupt now, which is why I've only had 3 jobs in 30 years, I'm on my last job assignment, and this one I joined a 600 thousand strong union, pay sucks, but doesn't bother the debt free resourceful man.

    In part, our government doesn't care, they want to spread dollars all over the place, near and far, anything to support hegemony. Quiet quitting has extended all the way to leadership, just look at failings of health care and education, primarily run by women. And, that is the problem when you let one group take over, they engage in group think and collaboration, lowering the bar, letting the standard go, etc.

    That is of course unfortunate for the dollar as people lose respect for it.

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