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Thread: Is the online store down?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ynot2k View Post
    Yellowsnow if you think about it that is incorrect. The forum is something that has a priority of it's own albiet it does seem to be a low priority.

    The online store is separate and anyone can take the info from Kitco at face value or not.

    People are still buying and selling metal by phone and in person and delivery of physical still occurs and likely just as fast as it ever was.

    But this is unlikely to change your mind and that's just the way the world is. People see things differently, do things differently, etc. Be pretty boring otherwise.

    Thanks for your post.
    yes, i made a gross assumption but sometime with little info available, assumption is all one can go by.
    I didn't or hope i did not reference people here not to buy from kitco by other mean. In fact buying by phone is more convenient than
    driving to lcs (in my case, my lcs doesn't take phone order nor ship). What i was trying to highlight is the weakness of having access to one's asset/money only by digital mean. This applies to bank and crypto exchange too. Cyberattack threat is the new norm now, no one who is digitally connected is immune to it.
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    Agreed YellowSnow. And cyberattack defense is apparently what Kitco is doing at this time.

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    I see that the on-line store appears to be working today.

    Some of the traditionally available spot price charts are still not back as they were.
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    Yes, I was able to log into my pool account as normal.

    However, the Kitco app on my phone still does not show the charts on my screen after you pick the particular metal -- wonder if that is still being worked on?

    I originally went to kitco for their charts of the spot gold price, so I would think keeping good charts available to the public would be a priority.
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