i guess banks are actually working hard to ward off the unwinding crush of stalling customer payments. They try to avoid bankrupties by using all kinds of tricks ( better to have an ailing patient than a dead one ). so stretch payments of principal, but collect interest, rediscuss the terms etc. But that seems not to be enough, because the bankruptcies here are increasing, of course probably the " no hope" batch is trimmed.

The economy is really suffering notwithstanding all the " optimistic " talks of a bright future. Our capitalistic propaganda media uses nowadays old soviet slogans. showing us the benefits of the rising sun ( the lush future which neveer will be attained ).

This situation reminds me of the 1974/75 years, same situation. Probably similar outcome, though maybe not exactly the same. The money masses involved are far bigger nowadays than they were in those years.

Just wondereing the solidarity of the big frogs, maybe they are after all the ones who want to end the inflation surge ( it is clear that we are from now on on a new pricelevel), because after all it is not very profitable to be unable to know what your possessions orprofits will be worth. Money value stability is a necessity.