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Thread: Credit Conditions

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    Credit Conditions amazingly continue to loosen in the US.
    The index is made up of 105 measures and 7 are tighter than normal and 98 are looser than normal week ending last Friday.

    It is again noteworthy to mention that this index can reverse totally in a week if something breaks.
    It will tell you when an event is significant, as in a fiat credit system, it is the condition of it, that really dictates the 'health' of the markets and the economy.


    Index Suggests Financial Conditions Loosened Again in Week Ending September 22
    The NFCI ticked down to 0.46 in the week ending September 22. Risk indicators contributed 0.21, credit indicators contributed 0.14, and leverage indicators contributed 0.11 to the index in the latest week.

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    Delinquencies finally up some. Fed can stop raising rates. It takes awhile for it to all ripple through, then some rate cuts to buy votes later.

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    Credit conditions, as measured by the National Financial Conditions Index have never been looser in almost 2 years. (latest report today)

    You can afford this when you know the Central Planners have your back.

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